About us

Starting with 2008, the Carpathians Mountaineering Association (Asociaţia Montană Carpaţi) reunites and brings together mountain and nature enthusiasts.

Through our activities, we change people’s views about the environment, determining them the be more careful and responsible:

  • we improve mountaineering touristic infrastructure by remarking, maintaining and improving the existing hiking trails;
  • we build, maintain and rebuild mountain shelters;
  • we organize tours and introductory workshops in hiking, first aid, skiing, mountaineering and climbing;
  • we organize mountain education programs to instill children and adults with a passion for nature and outdoors.

Thus, mountains will be discovered and understood as a pleasure for the eyes, a breath of fresh air for the body and a joy for the soul.

Thank you,
The Carpathians Mountaineering Association

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